NFRN Direct

NFRN Direct

Drop shipment service NFRN Direct provides an easy to use, competitive buying solution for independent retailers.


One of the many benefits of NFRN membership is access to a wealth of practical help and support, commercial deals and buying opportunities to ensure that independent retailers can compete in today’s challenging trading environment.

For over a decade and through the NFRN’s own buying group, NFRN Direct, members have been provided with a great package of benefits, with hundreds of suppliers in the scheme, covering a wide range of different products, nationally negotiated terms, centralised billing and longer credit terms.

Buying is a key component of a successful retailer’s business so a drop shipment service, such as the one offered by NFRN Direct, is essential. For many members the greatest attraction is the access they get to products, prices and credit rates that are far better than any that they could hope to negotiate on an individual basis.

While belonging to a buying group will often incur a weekly or monthly charge, membership of NFRN Direct is FREE, with no joining or membership fee.  In return, members will enjoy nationally negotiated terms, covering a cross section of their needs, up to seven weeks credit on orders placed and, thanks to centralised billing, one monthly invoice to save time, paperwork and bank charges.

Joining is really simple and with no snags or complications, using NFRN Direct to its fullest really can make a big difference to the operation and profitability of a member’s business.

We aim to help you achieve more profit with a wider offer, better terms and with even more support to help you grow.  Why? Because the entire NFRN Team is behind you!  Our resource includes the telesales team, NFRN Connect and the full operations team, meaning the same system but much more support in a bigger and better way.


NFRN Direct homepageWhy Join?

  • There is no membership or joining fee
  • Nationally negotiated terms
  • Up to seven weeks credit on orders placed
  • Central Billing once per month


How to Join

  1. Contact the NFRN Direct telesales team on 0800 028 7283
  2. e-mail


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